Noosa closes. Confusing times in Kelham.

Saying goodbye to Noosa but where does this leave Kelham?

Again, we feel gutted to deliver news as another of our favourite places to eat closes, less than a year after opening.

Noosa came with a reputation, a renowned chef and a brunch menu that should have won over both residents and visitors to Kelham but for some reason it never quite clicked. We really enjoyed every meal we had there, it was reasonably priced too so it's such a shame to see it go, especially after our other favourite brunch spot, The Gatehouse closed a few months ago. 

Noosa opened in the summer during a mad few weeks with successive openings of Pa's Bistro (which never really got going, now Bar Kelham), Saw Grinders Union and Domo. In November/December we had a similar scenario when The Millowners, Island Cafe, Dishi and V. Or. V opened. This weekend The Milestone reopened. 

Kelham is known for its food and drink but Monday to Thursday most places are quiet, especially during the daytime. There just isn't the footfall and businesses can't relay on weekend trade to succeed, especially when rent and rates in the area are over the top. 

What does a business need to do to succeed in Kelham? Where do we go from here? Will places keep opening despite these warning signs? Kelly and Charlie had given up a well established restaurant in Dore for Kelham, we were confident that they were on to a winner but I guess there's only so many people here, how many places do we need to eat out in? 

There's plenty more flats being built, the population will double in the next couple of years, and probably double again in five years but for people to eat out, they need to work. There's not a huge amount of offices here, obviously parking is an issue and there's very few families here, which isn't going to change with the number of studio/1 bed flats being built... 

No doubt there'll be more places opening soon but don't be surprised to see more closures in 2020.


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