Morning after the night before...

Well, yesterday was a bit drama, thankfully it was a happy end. 

After a months worth of rain fell in one day, following a couple of weeks of rain the river don was looking high, really high and it was moving fast. I wasn't here in 2007 but I've seen the photos and heard the stories so I can understand the hysteria when flood warnings came through yesterday morning. 

Rain continued through the afternoon, evening and night until the early hours of Friday morning. The goit was covered, there was little room under bridges and it was pretty close to reaching land. Huge thanks to those who spent last night sandbagging river banks to avoid a repeat of 2007's disaster. 

Thankfully it's much calmer today and the river has dropped dramatically, fingers crossed that we've got through it. If the work on the river banks and bridges after the 2007 floods hadn't been done it could have been a different story.


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