Our local businesses are the bees-knees

Have you met Kelham's latest residents?

We've got bees! Thanks to LaChristoph who has donated and assembled the two hives and provided the funds for purchasing the bees and all the equipment including bee-suits. These bees will be working hard to produce our own Kelham Honey!

At the moment KINCA are getting local business support in a number of ways:

  • Funding for the street cabinet Arts & Heritage trail 

  • Food and refreshments for volunteers (after river clean-ups and litter-picks)

  • Funding for the community bee project

  • Skills and support for design, social media and marketing

  • The free provision of venues for KINCA meetings

Businesses who have contributed to KINCA projects receive 'This Business Supports our Community' sticker highlighting how they help our great neighbourhood continue to become greater.

If there's other businesses wanting to support KINCA they can get in touch with Craig (craig@kinca.org).

La Christoph is an arts organisation helping artists and community projects, they have also sponsored the utility box on Dun Street which Katy Setts recently completed.


The original guide to Kelham Island, Neepsend & Shalesmoore, Sheffield. Working with KINCA to support our community

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