Awful news for Neepsend Brewery

Kelham is one of the safest neighbourhoods in the city, unfortunately for businesses it's them that often suffer the crime, these tend to be petty (graffiti, smashed windows, etc...) but inconvenient. What happened to Neepsend Brewery on Monday evening was something else, and we're gutted for Gavin and Hannah. The brewery are holding their leaving party this Saturday ahead of their move to 92 Burton Road. 

We love their beer, what a waste.

Gavin posted this on Facebook yesterday.

"Hi folks,

As you may have seen, sometime between us leaving the brewery on Monday evening and getting back in on Tuesday morning we were broken into. The culprits didn't take anything or do any damage but they did open the valves on several of our brewing vessels and left them to drain, meaning an awful lot of beer we'd spent lots of time, money and effort making has been lost.

No one gained anything from this completely senseless act and we are at a loss as to why anyone would do this to a small, independent business just trying to make tasty beer. With a move of premises coming up shortly, it was the last thing we needed. On a positive note, no one was hurt, no lasting damage was done and we've been moved by the response we've had from people offering their sympathy and support. Ours really is a great industry to be in.

We're still opening the tap room on Saturday and are going to get stuck into brewing as much as we possibly can ahead of the big move.

Onwards and upwards!"


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